Each leader has talents that can be further developed for increased performance. Only by fostering areas of strength and addressing current limitations can serious professionals optimize their leadership skills and practice. Naturally, along with this increased performance and improved self-awareness will grow self-accomplishment.




Step back for a while on my Management style and develop a positive and inspiring Leadership.

Optimize team engagement, whether they work around me or remotely (...)


Increase self-awareness, looking at areas that can currently limit my potential for growth

Identify and mobilize new capabilities and energies (...)

at work

Improve my organizational skills, priorities management and decision making, all of this resulting into a better work-life balance (...)

Coaching framework


Everything exchanged during sessions remain

confidential between the coachee and the coach.


Objective of the coach is that the person can reveal the best of him/her.

This can sometimes require feed-back that can be uncomfortable to hear,

but always told in a benevolent way.


The coach's posture is not the one of a teacher nor of a consultant,

his approach allows the person to progress in confidence towards change and growth.

Autonomy of the person coached

Achieved improvements are part of a long-term development plan.

The coach therefore ensures full autonomy of the coached person.


The coach is himself regularly coached by a certified supervisor.


Getting started

A meeting with both the coached person and his/her manager or HR permits to set objectives of the coaching program (...) 

Coaching phase

The coaching starts with a realistic observation of the starting situation, potentially enriched by a 360° analysis (...)

Conclusion of the program

After an evaluation by the coached person of his/her main learnings and changes, a debrief will be done  (...)


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